Research at PMC

The aim of our research and development activities is to collect and to transfer our practical project experience into innovative ideas and to develop them systematically. That is how we design new concepts for our clients for various, especially quality related topics and which we implement together.

With the experience from many projects, the topic knowledge management in production has proven to be our focus. It is based on the production of complex products with large amounts of data, which contain lots of useful information. To extract it, to harness and combine with the existing knowledge of all employees, meaning to make the implicit information in the system explicit for the staff, is one of the great challenges in the future production planning and control.

We have divided this focus in two parts: The Virtual Metrology, equipment will be monitored in order to assess its condition - point of interest is the equipment – and the Early Failure Recognition, the flow of produced parts are monitored to identify risks or errors at an early stage - point of interest is the product-.