Quality Management in Production

The situation:
At the beginning of our activities there was a great deal of pressure from the OEM who had transferred more responsibility to the suppliers because of a quality offensive. The analysis showed that the quality department was not staffed with sufficient qualified personnel. In order to meet the new requirements, the customer instructed us to support him in managing quality.

The solution:
After the start of the project our consultants very soon assumed responsibility for the quality assurance of a large branch of production and were the main contact persons for the OEM. Besides analysing failures and solving them using PDCA, Ishikawa diagrams and other quality tools, it was the AP consultants’ tasks to introduce change management for documentation, to supervise internal and external audits and to coordinate 8D reports as well as the necessary selection activities.

The result:
The consultants’ quality management know how improved the customer’s production considerably. He was able to present his customers with qualified contact people quickly who then coordinated the OEM’S needs and thus contributed significantly to customer satisfaction. Our customer also used the project time to assemble and qualify his own personnel with the help of our consultant. At the end of the project the quality situation had improved considerably and an effective internal quality team had been set up.

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