Project Support in the Automotive Development

The situation:
The customers project leader in the automotive industry was responsible for a system that encompassed several ranges of models. Some of these models were developed externally. In the course of the project there were difficulties with several models which overtaxed the project leader’s capacity. In order to guarantee a systematic and planned project management in spite of the problems, the customer decided to commission AP Technologies to support the project leader.

The solution:
The consultant analysed the situation in collaboration with the customer’s project leader and let him turn some of the task packets over to the consultant. Because of his experience in project management and presentations, he first assumed responsibility for the project team’s coordination meetings thereby directly reduce the leader’s stress. He worked together with the project leader very closely. At regular meetings the consultant informed him about the status of his work. He submitted decision memos for approval and took on new tasks.

The result:
After only a few days it became obvious that a lot of stress had been removed from the project leader. The work was going according to schedule and this contributed significantly to the project team’s motivation. Team meetings and time-scheduling workshops carried out by our consultant gained considerably in efficiency due to his know how concerning methods.

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