Monitoring the Approval Process at a Supplier

The situation:
The monitoring of an electronic system at one of our customer’s suppliers – a well-known tier one supplier – was threatening to go off track again and thus even fall behind the OEM’s schedule. Furthermore the customer feared there would be additional quality problems when production started.
In order to ensure that the next first samples were alright and to reduce any possible problems during the start of production, we were commissioned to support the supplier on site with a resident engineer.

The solution:
The consultant we sent had years of experience in quality management and in managing critical projects. This allowed him to carry out the necessary problem analysis with a minimal orientation phase and to quickly achieve effective, technical solutions together with the supplier’s team of experts. His planning included the following modules:
• Generating and supervising the timing plan
• Checking the actions
• Checking the first sample documents and matching them with the specifications
• Weekly reports to the customer about the status of progress and possible risks

The result:
Due to the consultant’s professional project management and his expert knowledge of quality management, the sampling was carried out in a timely manner and all other problems were successfully solved. The first sample test report was approved for the pre-determined post sampling date. This meant that the OEM’s requirements for the entire system were also guaranteed in

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