Early Failure Recognition

EFR is an approach, which is developed by PMC Technologies, that enables to identify failures already before disruption in the production take place or bad parts are produced.

Basis of all EFR-systems are applied statistical methods which are called indicators. They identify and asses, combined with expert knowledge, risks and supplies qualified information usable for the operators. (Combination)

The Input is data taken from the MES- or ERP-Systems with additional information added, which is put in by the users (Internalization). The user gets automated all needed information which is important to solve the respective problem. In addition all other inside the company available information and experience analyzed and supplied (Externalization).

PMC adapts the EFR-System to the client’s needs, implements it, supports the operational start and can handle the maintenance. EFR is not an independent software tool, it is more a method, which needs to be implemented into the clients system environment, respecting as good as possible the system environment, the processes and workflow. Redundancies are also systematically reduced to improve the productivity. Finally this ensures the acceptance the success of EFR. The overall formally individual knowledge of the employees is therewith made available for the production (Socialization).

PMC is continuously doing research in cooperation with Universities with statistical methods to evaluate data of any structure. This supports the existing EFR-systems.

Together with an automotive OEM a management reporting system for a continuous supplier monitoring to identify quality risks in the production and organization has been developed.