Supplier Monitoring

The situation:
In various cases where PMC consultants were sent by our clients to their suppliers to recover them from severe situations, we could experience how critical situations develop and how they can be identified at an early stage. Out of that we developed a systematic approach to supervise suppliers respectively. An OEM now asked us to adapt that to their environment and to evaluate possibilities for implementation.

The solution:
Running several workshops, the PMC consultants developed a specification respecting the needs of all relevant departments and using the existing concept. In particular data evaluated at suppliers as a standard was used to develop a statistical assessment model to get a supplier risk indicator. Finally a concept for implementation was prepared and presented.

The result:
As a result a possibility to evaluate fully automated the capacity and quality situation at suppliers was given without violating intellectual property or the supplier’s independents. This enables the OEM to identify negative trends and to intervene, if the supplier is not able to solve his problems, before the OEM suffers from missing parts or bad quality.

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