Outsourcing Suppliers

The situation:
Our customer, an automotive systems supplier, had been given a project in the field of active safety systems. Our customer had to buy an optical plastic part needed for security purposes. In order to evaluate a potential supplier, the customer commissioned us to audit the supplier and to carry out a risk evaluation.

The solution:
During an audit the supplier’s potential with regard to the factors of management, organisation, quality and risk were evaluated. Completing his work the AP consultant drew up a decision paper for the customer’s management which pointed out the supplier’s potential and technical possibilities in detail.

The result:
It was a good deal easier for the customer’s management to make a decision with the objective evaluation of the supplier and the competent analysis of his technical possibilities. The supplier in turn also received a clear assessment of his competencies and potential. Ultimately the supplier was given the job and since that time has had a very good working relationship with our customer.

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Outsourcing Suppliers
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