Introducing a Quality Cuture in a Low-Cost Country

The situation:
At a clients plant in Eastern European country with a labor-intensive production, the quality level internally and regarding customer returns down to critical levels. Although the staff was trained, they didn’t apply the defined processes and didn’t use the required quality methods. In addition failure recording was inaccurate.

First, the PMC experts implemented a systematic failure recording, evaluation and presentation of quality data to ensure a work-station based process control. To implement an operational quality culture on the shop floor, the PMC consultants carried out daily quality audits together with the local quality managers, which were used to define corrective actions or to discuss current problems with the staff.

The result:
With the optimal process control and the daily interpretation of the numbers, a good understanding to identify problems and assess them was created. With the intensive collaboration on the shop floor level, the sense for quality-related issues was sharpened and a methodical approach to handle the problems was systematically introduced into the daily work. In particular, the local quality managers were enabled to continue the quality thinking as multipliers.

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Introducing a Quality Cuture in a Low-Cost Country
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