Commitment to Quality

Our goal is to satisfy our clients' expectations in every project by 100% and - if possible - to beat them. In our management projects, whether in quality or project management, we are strong in the following competencies:

  • Excellent technical understanding in order to understand the complex products, processes and technologies
  • Methodological know-how which allows the professionally structured mode of operation
  • Practical experience that ensures the fastest possible orientation
  • Problem-solving skills to handle technical problems and other conflicts
  • Social skills to cooperate with all levels from shop floor to management and to lead the teams to reach the goals

Technical know-how: The basis for all the technically-oriented projects is a successfully completed engineering degree that every PMC Consultant has achieved.

Methodological skills: Very good knowledge and professional training ensures that our consultants are methodically always up to date. More about personal development can be found at professional training.

Practical experience: Due to our specialization in quality and project management, our consultants gain valuable experience in every project which they can directly apply in every following project. But even those who start at PMC always have solid and relevant experience.

Problem solving skills: The ability to think in solutions, while always assessing alternatives and considering the appropriate consequences, and to take responsibility for decisions, is an important selection criterion for our PMC consultants. With the growing experiences and the personal development the skills will be continuously strengthened.

Social skills: One of the most important skills in the complex working environment at our customers is the ability to collaborate productively with all the diverse people. Already when employing consultants, we pay special attention to their ability to adapt to highly qualified specialists or senior managers as well as to workers of different countries and cultures and thereby to achieve the projects goals.

In addition to continuous professional training of our consultants especially with regard to the requirements in the customers’ projects, we carry out quality assurance reviews on a regular basis, in which we analyze whether the expectations of customers, consultants and PMC are met. During our PMC congresses and workshops we are questioning our services to continuously improve our performance level.